Which is better, a humidifier or a diffuser?
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  • December 12, 2022

When designing an air handling unit, it is important to consider the humidity parameter. For comfort, a relative humidity level of 45% – 55% should be maintained. During summer or winter, the humidity level of the air drops, causing discomfort to the indoor occupants. This is where we discover the importance of humidifiers in AC systems. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to increase or decrease the humidity in the air.

There are various types of humidifiers available such as

A spray-style humidifier, which has a header and nozzles that spray water at 15 psi.

A steam grill humidifier with holes in the pipes for steam distribution. The water is regulated to avoid the emission of odors into the room.

A steam pot humidifier has a pot and a heating plate to heat the water in the pot. This increases the humidity level in the room.

In HVAC systems, different types of air distribution devices are used, such as grills, ventilators, and diffusers. There are many types of diffusers such as

ceiling square diffusers

ceiling diffuser

These diffuser types are round, square, and rectangular. They consist of inner cones made of blades arranged in different directions. Square diffusers are more commonly used to supply air. They are typically mounted in the center of conditioned spaces, providing a shorter range for conditioned spaces with low headroom. Air is discharged in all directions through concentric air ducts. The deflected vanes change the air distribution pattern.

slot diffuser

Slot diffusers are mounted on side walls or ceilings. Linear slot diffusers are used for supply and return air. They are suitable for large open spaces.

nozzle diffuser

They are suitable for supplying heating and cooling air over large areas. These can all be adjusted to allow airflow to flow in any direction. They have the advantage of long-distance air supply, low noise, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be installed anywhere such as stadiums, airports, shopping malls, or indoor markets. Contact Tecnalco for a professional nozzle diffuser installation anywhere in the UAE.

nozzle diffuser

So what do you prefer? Humidifier or Diffuser?

A humidifier increases the humidity in a room or building. They are used in medical facilities such as ventilators to keep patients comfortable. Humidifiers are large and hooked up to the HVAC system. It is useful in dry or hot climates when humidity levels drop.

Diffusers act as return air vents, allowing conditioned air to enter the space with even distribution and minimal noise. The HVAC diffuser reduces airflow velocity from the outside and directs to ensure effective mixing with maximum efficiency and less noise. So instead of a humidifier, a diffuser can add air conditioning benefits to a space.

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