How to choose ventilation equipment manufacturers?
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  • December 10, 2022
One: It depends on the strength of the company


Look at what production equipment the company uses, how many years of experience, what is the operation process, how is the product quality, how is the production efficiency, and how is the product safe.


Two: Need to see accessories and materials


It depends on which company the company has established a supplier cooperation system with, what materials it uses, what performance it has, and how its service life is.


Three: need to look at the cost performance


Under the use of high-quality raw materials and high-precision production technology, we have always maintained a stable price system, reduced costs in terms of manpower, and conquered customers in terms of quality.


Four: need to look at after-sale protection


See how the after-sales service is, and how to solve problems.

 ventilation equipment manufacturers

    FOSHAN XUXING VENTILATION CO., LTD was established in 2001. We have been a leading manufacturer in air conditioning and HVAC accessories area. XU XING has over 20000 square meters of factory workshops and more than 300 employees. Our company is located in the hometown of aluminum in China—— Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and has convenient transportation and convenient raw materials.

With advantageous technology and strict quality control, we are devoted to developing various new models to meet the market demands with great quality. Our main products are air diffusers, air grilles, air vents, disc air valves, flexible ducts, access panels, and so on. Now, Our products are well sold to more than 25 countries with praise for the great structures, various styles, nice appearance, and high quality.

 Aluminum air diffuser & grille

The company is committed to shopping malls, hotels, basements, garages, fire ventilation pipes and accessories, auxiliary materials, design, production, sales, installation, etc.